Improve the efficiency of your business by text message invoicing. Not only does it promote a paperless environment, you no longer need to manually enter data into multiple systems. Everything is managed directly in’s online terminal.

SMS bill notification is an easy way to remind your customers to pay their bill. Your customers can enroll in SMS billing or you have the option to enroll your customers online.

Upon enrollment, your customer would begin receiving text message invoices similar to the way they can receive email invoices that are currently supported by This text message would notify them that they have an open, unpaid invoice and would inform them of the amount that is due and the due date.

There are two primary payment options that can be deployed. First, you could include a link in the text message to a secure online payment portal where they can click to pay their bill online. All they need is internet access and their bank account or card information. Or, as a second option, you can also give your customers the option to pay directly by SMS. For example, they could "Reply 1 to pay with credit card ending 1234 or reply 2 to pay with bank account ending 4321". SMS Text message ACH and Credit Card processing is instant, easy, direct, and secure!

Bank account or credit card information for the consumer is stored during the initial enrollment process. No secure data, account details, or personal information is released via SMS. Everything sent to the customer via text message is PCI compliant and safe.

Gone are the days of printing and mailing invoices.

SMS Text Message ACH and Credit Card Processing
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