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You can now take advantage of check verification services on without even having to apply! You can try it for free by giving us a call at (859) 309-1634 or just create a user account, buy some credits, and start verifying checks instantly!

Using a check verification service can save merchants lots of money that is normally lost on returned checks. ICG-Verify helps businesses protect themselves from financial loss by giving them the ability to identify potential fraudulent transactions instantaneously before they are accepted as payment. This is a powerful tool that helps boost check acceptance risk management strategy for both merchants and banks.

Click here to create an account. All you have to do is enter an email address and create a username, password, and security question.

Once your account has been created, you can verify as many checks as you want by simply entering routing and account numbers.

We also offer a free trial of this service. To test out our check verification service for free, give us a call (859) 309-1634. 

Verification credits can be purchased on the “Buy Credits” page for the following prices:
10 verifications          $ 5.00           $ 0.50/verification
25 verifications          $ 12.50         $ 0.50/verification
50 verifications          $ 25.00        $ 0.50/verification
100 verifications        $ 45.00        $ 0.45/verification
250 verifications        $ 112.50       $ 0.45/verification
500 verifications        $ 200.00      $ 0.40/verification
1000 verifications      $ 360.00      $ 0.36/verification

Buy credits to verify checks

iCheckGateway’s check verification service uses five cutting-edge technologies to help you improve the effectiveness of your loss prevention strategies:

✔ ICG BasicTM – Validates Routing Numbers
✔ ICG ProprietaryTM – ICG’s Proprietary Negative Database consists of tens of millions of bad account and negative items
✔ ICG Real-Time – Real-time status on accounts (via Financial Institutions)
✔ ICG Negative Data – Negative Data Base providers
✔ ICG Private Bad Check List – Create your own private list

These services provided by ICG-Verify have extensive national coverage of both positive and negative information. ICG-Verify instantly accesses both real-time account status data and check-writer history across multiple databases which are updated every 12 seconds. This allows for real-time verification when the customer presents a check as payment in person or online.

If the check fails any of these, you will receive a verification code explaining why the check was declined. Detailed explanations of these codes can be found on the “Verify Codes” page.

Descriptions of verification codes for check verification services

Some potential high risk decline codes include account closed, ACH items only, account not located, and repeat offender of NSF. Other decline codes include recent stop payments, invalid routing number, invalid account number, invalid check number, and fraud or stolen checks reported.

While check verification services do not completely eliminate bad checks, they certainly help reduce the number of fraudulent transactions your business receives. Take preventative action and give ICG-Verify a try today. Call us at (859) 309-1634 to receive your free trial!

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