iCheckGateway.com Integrates with concrete5

iCheckGateway.com has integrated with concrete5 to help to meet all your payment processing needs. Concrete5 is an open source content management system that enables users to edit site content directly from the page. iCheckGateway.com complements concrete5’s eCommerce package to help users securely process both ACH and credit card payments from their online stores.

By installing the eCommerce add-on, you can easily create a store on your concrete5 site. Once the eCommerce package is installed, you can integrate the iCheckGateway.com module to enable your customers to pay with either a check or credit card during checkout.

iCheckGateway.com allows online merchants to process credit cards and ACH payments all in the same place. When coupled with concrete5, online merchants can not only customize their eCommerce stores with ease, but they can process both credit card and online check payments quickly, easily, and affordably.

Customers are given the option to pay with their checking account by entering three pieces of information: their routing number, account number, and bank account type.

Customers can also pay with their credit card by entering their credit card type, credit card number, expiration date, and card verification number.

All of the customer’s account information is secure and encrypted through a Secure Lockets Layer Certificate. Account numbers for each online transaction are always protected by never being stored on the website in a readable format and are always transmitted through an SSL encrypted connection.

Merchants can install the free checkout plug-in with just one easy click. Users can download the plug-in from iCheckGateway.com for free and drop it into their concrete5 site where it can be configured in the admin panel.

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