RA: Not Sufficient Funds
RB: Uncollected Funds Hold
RC: Stop Payment
RD: Closed Account
RE: Unable to Locate Account
RF: Frozen/Blocked Account
RG: Stale Dated
RH: Post Dated
RI: Endorsement Missing
RJ: Endorsement Irregular
RK: Signature(s) Missing
RL: Signature(s) Irregular
RM: Non Cash Item
RN: Altered/Ficticious Item
RO: Unable to Process
RP: Item Exceeded Dollar Limit
RQ: Not Authorized
RR: Branch/Account Sold
RS: Refer to Maker
RT: Stop Payment Suspect
RU: Unusable Image
RV: Image Fails Security Check
RW: Cannot Determine Account

Check 21 Processing Return Codes
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