More and more customers are relying on the Internet to make payments. In today’s busy world, they don’t want to think about when their next bill is due and then have to remember to actually pay it.

With’s recurring payment options, you can set up an automatic schedule to debit your customer’s bank account or credit card with just a couple of clicks, ensuring they pay their bills on time without worry.

You can enter a limited number of payments or opt to let the recurring cycle run continuously until you cancel it. Our payment schedule has a lot of options, including annually, bi-annually, quarterly, monthly, bi-monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, and daily. These payments can be arranged by date and can easily be managed and edited in our Online Terminal.

All of our hosted bill payment portals can come with a recurring option as well so your customer can set up their own payment schedule when they pay on your website.

Are you a non-profit organization? Donors often want to give regularly, but do not remember to do so. Help simplify their life and increase their joy in giving by allowing them to set up a recurring donation!

Auto Recurring ACH and Credit Card Payments
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